Which camera to buy Canon or Nikon or Sony ?

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January 12, 2019

So you are planning to buy a DSLR or a mirror less camera or an action camera and are a bit confused as to which brand to choose or which shop to go for buying the camera. So you start googling about all the best cameras , start reading their comparisons , watching you tube videos and then selecting a model or getting more  confused.

The CANON V/S NIKON war never ends and you get more confused.

You ask your best friend as to which camera he or she is using and you decide to go for the same or you ask your professional photographer  friend and he suggests you to buy some particular camera which he is using .

You search amazon for the best prices or go to a camera shop and ask for the best price offered by the shop owner and either buy it online or from the shop whosoever offers you a better price.

Even if after going to the shop, if you are having a slightest confusion about which camera you should buy, then there is a huge chance that the shop owner may be able to change your decision by confusing you more.

Even after all this if you are able buy any camera, you are too happy for few days and start clicking pictures of your family, pets, food , flowers, moon, sunrise , sunset and anything which comes your way.

Very soon you start feeling that your camera is not giving you the results you anticipated or you saw while watching the reviews.

So now you again google for tips on better photography and try some things and still not able to get the desired results.

Then your job or studies or business keeps you busy and you put your camera in bag and it lies within for many days and you take out it occasionally as most of the times you mobile gives you satisfactory results.


What’s the moral of the story ?


You have not made a correct choice as to from whom should you buy the camera.

Sounds irrelevant….

Let me explain..

First of all most of the vendors in the market are just vendors selling products like a grocery store. They are either not well educated or they know very little about photography. It’s mostly their agenda to just convert the sale.

The correct shop would be where the person on the other side first understands your need and requirement and then suggest any camera.

This is the first basic step. The major step is after buying the camera where the person should be able to explain the camera features and  should be able to help you improve your photography with whatever camera you have purchased.

So the story changes here and we come into the picture. We are into the photography since 1976 and still doing all genres of photography. We had seen all   the changes during this time frame and who could be better to suggest you the best camera for you needs.

We would not only suggest you  the camera but would give you best price and promise to deliver genuine products . We do not practise unethical ways like changing original accessories or anything like that which is very prevalent in online shopping and some other shops also.

Besides all this the most important part comes where we will guide you how to use the camera and teach you photography basics also so that you enjoy and cherish the memories you want to preserve with your camera.

So we would strongly suggest you to meet us at least once before buying any camera or any other photography accessory and we assure you won’t regret

Hope to serve you all camera enthusiasts.

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