Wedding Photography : Capturing Colours and emotions at Indian weddings events and ceremonies

December 27, 2018
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February 21, 2019

The Indian weddings are truly very rich in tradition, customs and symbolism and are also choreographed undertaking that lasts more than a week .  The wealthier the family, the longer the wedding celebrations. This is because the Indian weddings not only celebrate the union of two individuals but also the joining of two extended family. In fact, the wedding rituals have evolved a great deal since traditional times and of course, differ greatly from that of Western one. Over the years, the modern Indian wedding has truly emerged  to be as diverse as many regions in subcontinent. Even the traditional rituals and ceremonies , have been tailored by the bride and groom and their families to conform to suit suit their budget and make it all the more memorable. Many wedding customs are common among Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and even Muslims.

The obvious questions then  is how to choose a wedding photographer? The style of photography currently in vogue  include photojournalism, fine art photography, documentary type, destination wedding photography, candids etc. It would be pertinent to make the choice of assigning a wedding photographer keeping in mind ones requirements and the overall budget.

One important ceremony is the Mehandi, which takes place the day before the wedding at a Ladies-Only celebration over afternoon tea. The bride bridesmaid, sisters and all other family members gather together for this Mehndi function. this function is full of fun with lots of laughter where every member present gets her hands painted with mehndi.

The fun reaches its crescendo with the start of next ceremony called ‘sangeet’. This is a Joyous night time party which is held in the evening before the wedding and is an opportunity to enjoy the spirit of the moment with music, dancing and food

The Mandap is the location and focus of Hindu wedding ceremonies. The same is extravagantly decorated with flowers and tapestries, and its four pillars represent the four Holy Vedic scriptures.

It goes without saying that no Hindu wedding ceremony would be complete without the sacred fire, which in turn the couple circles chanting mantras of their vows.


An Indian wedding provides a rich tapestry of colours and vibrant images that lend themselves to creating striking wedding photographs.  Bold colours such as Red, burgundy, orange and gold are typical of Indian wedding and even the brides saree will be very bright and vibrant which in turn is very different from the traditional Western white wedding gowns!

Predominantly the majority of the wedding photographers approach the very important wedding day as photojournalists, and really throw their personal styles into the portraits. Even destination wedding photographer is not going to stop the bride and bridegroom on the dance floor and position the couple for better lighting. Even for that matter the fine art wedding photographer isn’t going to deny  the couple family portraits because they aren’t interesting enough. However, when things slow down and it’s simply the bride, the groom and the photographer that’s where you will see their point of view the most.

The wedding season is about to begin, so get ready to enjoy the great Indian Weddings and to the couples getting married , please choose your wedding photographer very carefully and wisely to make your day most memorable.

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